Lepower Optoelectronics Laboratory

Lepower Testing Center belongs to Shenzhen Liyang Optoelectronics Co., LTD., covers a construction area of 600 square meters, including a laboratory area of 200 square meters.
The testing center is equipped with constant temperature and humidity testing machine, integrating ball tester, IES comprehensive tester, cold and thermal shock tester, rain test box and other testing equipment
The main testing areas/projects are: LED lamps light color, power, power factor detection; Testing items of constant damp heat, high temperature and low temperature of lamps and fittings.

CNAS accredited laboratory

In April 2022, Lepower Testing Center passed the accreditation of CNAS (registration number: L16265), and the test report issued by the accredited laboratory can be stamped with the international mutual recognition of data issued by CNAS and ILAC (instead of the test report of a third-party organization or organization). We always adhere to the integrity, justice, rigorous, independent, meticulous and thoughtful service to ensure the accuracy and authority of the test data, with strict testing requirements, the pursuit of excellent product quality.
  • The reliability Lab

    The reliability Lab

  • Light Distribution (IES) Laboratory

    Light Distribution (IES) Laboratory

  • Integrating sphere laboratory

    Integrating sphere laboratory

  • Electrical safety laboratory

    Electrical safety laboratory

Guangdong Province engineering technology research

Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center is based on the construction of innovative enterprises above designated size with scientific and technological strength in the province's industries and fields. Guangdong high-power multi-chip integrated LED packaging engineering Technology Research Center, is recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology technology innovation service platform, has a relatively complete engineering technology comprehensive supporting test conditions, has a high-quality research and development, engineering design and test of professional science and technology team, is a focus on high-power LED packaging engineering technology research and development institutions.

Laboratory accreditation certificate

The company's laboratory has passed the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) laboratory accreditation registration number: L7029, involving Energy STAR IES LM-80-2008 standard/International Lighting Commission CIE127-2007 standard, etc.). The test report issued by an accredited laboratory can be stamped with CNAS and ILAC, and the data issued by the international mutual recognition (instead of the test report of a third-party institution or organization).

Through standardized operation, the company will quickly integrate the relevant technical standards into the company's research and development, design, manufacturing, quality assurance and other links, to provide customers with authoritative testing, improve the company's product quality and global competitiveness.

Laboratory Environment

  • Ac resistance test

    Ac resistance test

  • Constant temperature and humidity test

    Constant temperature and humidity test

  • Electronic load test

    Electronic load test

  • IES darkroom

    IES darkroom

  • Ground resistance test

    Ground resistance test

  • Oven


  • Aging laboratory

    Aging laboratory

  • Cold and heat shock and constant temperature and humidity test

    Cold and heat shock and constant temperature and humidity test

  • Rain test

    Rain test

  • laboratory


  • Atomization test

    Atomization test

  • Vibration test

    Vibration test

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