Lepower Exhibition | LED Expo Thailand 2023


From September 20-22, 2023, the 2023 Thailand International LED Lighting Exhibition (LED Expo Thailand 2023) was held in Bangkok's IMPACT Exhibition Center. Lepower was invited to participate the Exhibition and exhibited LED street lights , Stadium lights, industrial high bay lights, high efficiency modules and other products, booth number J26 Hall 18.

2023 Thailand International LED Lighting Exhibition is co -organized by Thailand IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. and the Thai Electric Power Administration (EGAT). It is the largest LED product and technology exhibition in the ASEAN region. It is held every year, with a total area of 15,000 square meters. It is the most influential lighting industry event in Thailand and Southeast Asia. It is also the largest LED product and technology exhibition in the ASEAN region. Since the exhibition is held, the scale has continued to expand, attracting the attention of many people in the industry.


As a well-known domestic LED lighting company in China, Lepower shows the full series of LED lighting products at this exhibition, including LED street lights, LED stadium lights, LED industrial and High bay lights, and high efficiency modules.


LED street lights have the advantages of efficient energy conservation, long service life, environmental protection and safety. It is suitable for various road lighting scenarios. At the same time, you can also configure LORA intelligent controllers to achieve smart city management. Based on energy saving Later maintenance, visualization of assets, systematic management, etc.

The LED stadium light has the advantages of high brightness, low light degradation and attractive shape. Widely used in outdoor and indoor lighting. It is suitable for lighting equipment for various indoor and outdoor sports places. The power range is from 300W to 1800W. Can be customized according to different stadium lighting level requirements, to reach the international stadium lighting level.


The LED industrial high bay light uses high efficiency LED source and unique structural design to realize the function of intelligent controller, that is, plug -and -play, with a variety of light -equipped angles, realizing the precise lighting needs of various high warehouses, high lighting uniformity, glare more glare more Low, it can provide good lighting effects, while waterproof, dustproof and other characteristics, suitable for factories, warehouses and other places.

The high efficiency LED module uses a well -known international brand chip, adopts multi-chips package technology, and provides a variety of professional lighting to effectively improve the lighting effect. At the same time, it can be used for size standardization. It is compatible with different types of lamps. , Workers, pan -light, tunnel lights, high rod lights, etc.



At the exhibition, Lepower also signed a cooperation agreement with a number of Thai lighting companies to jointly promote the development and application of LED lighting technology in Thailand and Southeast Asia. This exhibition not only demonstrated the company's latest products and technologies, but also strengthened the exchange and cooperation with international lighting companies, and made positive contributions to further promoting the development and application of LED lighting technology.


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