Lepower Exhibition | Light Middle East 2024


Lepower Exhibition | Light + Intelligent Building Middle East 2024

In 2024, the Middle East (Dubai) International City, Architectural and Commercial Lighting Exhibition was held on January 16-18 at the Dubai World Trade Center. This event, known as the "cradle of smart architecture and scientific and technological innovation", brings together the world's leading lighting and intelligent architectural technology to show the new direction and trend of future urban construction. With the excellent LED lighting products and technology, Lepower Optoelectronics has shined at the exhibition and became the focus of the exhibition.

The Middle East (Dubai) International City, Architectural and Commercial Lighting Exhibition is a professional and authoritative lighting exhibition in the Middle East. It is a leading event in the lighting and construction service industry. The exhibition focuses on showing the latest lighting technology, products and innovation solutions. The exhibition is hosted by the Frankfurt Exhibition Company and attracts professionals and exhibitors from all over the world every year.

As the industry's leading LED lighting solution provider, in this exhibition, Lepower shows a series of products such as L60, L36 street lights, V20 flood lights and high efficiency LED modules.

The L60 and L36 street light with the advantages of novel structure, stable performance, long lifespan, too free maintenance design etc., they have won unanimous praise from customers at the exhibition. Both products are very good in the lighting effect and energy saving performance, which provides strong support for the sustainable development of urban lighting.

The V20 flood light is stable structure design and easy to install. The multi beam angle selection meets different types of sports area lighting, providing reliable choices for outdoor lighting areas to achieve superior lighting effects.

Besides of those products, the high efficiency LED module series products have also received widespread attention. The product has the characteristics of high brightness, low energy consumption, long lifespan, and standardized specifications. It can be widely used in the fields of indoor and outdoor lighting, roads and court lights. Improve the efficiency of engineering transformation.

The products we displayed have received a lot of attention and high appreciation of local customers. We conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation negotiations with customers and partners from all over the world.

The series of Lepower products displayed at this exhibition not only shows the company's excellent strength in LED lighting technology, but also conveys the company's firm belief that the company is committed to promoting environmental protection and energy-saving lighting. Lepower will continue to play its advantages in various aspects such as technological innovation, quality assurance and customer service, and lead the development trend of the global LED lighting market.

Thanks to all visitors and partners for their support and attention. We look forward to creating a better future with you in the future.


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