Lepower Exhibition | Polang LIGHT 2024


Lepower Exhibition | International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment Light 2024


From January 31 to February 2, 2024, the Polish International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment Light (Polang LIGHT) was held in the Warsaw EXPO XXI Exhibition Center, sponsored by the Polish Agencja SOMA Exhibition company, is the largest lighting industry exhibition in Poland, attracting many lighting companies from all over the world.With the excellent LED lighting products and technology, Lepower Optoelectronics has shined at the exhibition and became the focus of the exhibition.

Poland International Lighting Exhibition is one of the most influential professional lighting exhibition in Eastern Europe, gathered hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of professional buyers, is a great opportunity to show the latest innovative products and lighting solutions, as a company driven by technological innovation, Lepower has been committed to improving the performance and quality of its products to meet the ever-changing market demands.

At the exhibition, Lepower showcased its innovative LED lighting solutions, including multiple series of products such as high brightness, high efficiency and intelligent control, which not only have excellent performance, but also meet European environmental standards, demonstrating Lepower's commitment to sustainable development.


Lepower has been committed to the development and production of LED encapsulation and lighting products, the exhibition displayed a number of innovative products, including high lumen EMC3030/550 light source products, LED modules, street lamps, floodlights and other lighting products.

L36, L60 LED street light

The L60 and L36 street light with the advantages of novel structure, stable performance, long lifespan, too free maintenance design etc., they have won unanimous praise from customers at the exhibition. Both products are very good in the lighting effect and energy saving performance, which provides strong support for the sustainable development of urban lighting.


The V20 flood light is stable structure design and easy to install. The multi beam angle selection meets different types of sports area lighting, providing reliable choices for outdoor lighting areas to achieve superior lighting effects. 

S2 UFO High bay is upgraded and unique design with more cost saving solution,ranges from 100W to 240W, new outlook with excellent system efficiency up to 180lm∕w. Pluggable motion sensor design and more optional installation type can meet different needs.

LED Modules

Besides of those products, the high efficiency LED module series products have also received widespread attention. The product has the characteristics of high brightness, low energy consumption, long lifespan, and standardized specifications. It can be widely used in the fields of indoor and outdoor lighting, roads and court lights. Improve the efficiency of engineering transformation.

SMD 30305050 LEDs series

Lepower SMD LED source adopts the advanced packaging technology to improve the light efficiency and stability. By optimizing chip layout and reflector design, each LED chip is better utilized, reducing light loss and ensuring product reliability and durability while improving light efficiency.


The series of Lepower products displayed at this exhibition not only shows the company's excellent strength in LED lighting technology, but also conveys the company's firm belief that the company is committed to promoting environmental protection and energy-saving lighting. Lepower will continue to play its advantages in various aspects such as technological innovation, quality assurance and customer service, and lead the development trend of the global LED lighting market.

As a leader in the high-power LED industry, Lepower attaches great importance to technological innovation. During the exhibition, it also conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation negotiations with a number of international well-known brands, attracting many industry experts and scholars to visit, guide and exchange, Lepower will further enhance its competitiveness in the European market, and provide better products and services for global users.

In the future, Lepower will continue to uphold the core values of "quality, innovation, focus, win-win", constantly improve the performance and quality of its products, and bring more high-quality and innovative lighting products and services to global customers. Let us look forward to Lepower continue to shine in the future lighting market and contribute more to the development of the global lighting industry!


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