Lepower I unite as one, fight the epidemic together, care for action, warm winter!


Recently, in response to the recent complex situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control, Liyang Optoelectronics actively practiced the "people-oriented" management concept, insisted on putting the health of employees in the first place, and became a strong backing for employees in a special period.

Party branches, trade unions to carry out care action

At this stage, the shortage of anti-epidemic drugs is an extraordinary period, in order to protect the health of employees, Liyang Optoelectronics prevention and control team was quickly established, actively implement the epidemic prevention and control management, strengthen the concept of prevention and control, and by the Party branch of Liyang Optoelectronics and the trade union organization for all employees of the company to distribute anti-epidemic supplies and anti-epidemic drugs.

(Anti-epidemic drugs)

The Party branch and the trade union actively raise and mobilize the resources of all sides of the company to ensure that the anti-epidemic drugs are sufficient. The Party branch organized various departments of the company to conduct a comprehensive survey, timely statistics of employees' physical symptoms, and called on employees to strictly follow the requirements of epidemic prevention and do a good job of self-protection. Party volunteers also actively guide employees to do a good job of psychological protection, cultivate a positive and healthy lifestyle, and win the "psychological war epidemic" with firm confidence and determination.

(registration and collection)

Anti-epidemic drugs are distributed by trade unions, among which priority is given to employees in urgent need of drugs to ensure timely medication. In addition, in the work group, wechat, moments of friends and other channels to publicize the epidemic prevention and control guidelines, timely care about the physical and psychological conditions of employees, guide employees to do their own health care, and work together to fight the virus.

Cold winter to warm, the road has love

Company employees said: "This time of epidemic prevention drugs, like a fire in the winter, let us feel the warm love from the Liyang family." With a high degree of sensitivity and responsibility, the company guides everyone to establish the concept of "being the first responsible person for their own health", do a good job in personal health management, and implement care measures.

The initiative of distributing love anti-epidemic drugs has built a warm and solid protective barrier for everyone, and further strengthened the courage and confidence of all employees to work together to overcome the difficulties, and we are united as one, overcome the difficulties together, and strive to win the epidemic prevention and control war.

The body is the capital of the revolution, in order to fight against the epidemic and enhance physical fitness, the staff of Liyang Photoelectric heart department issued carefully selected warm welfare for all employees - milk and oranges.

(Employees receive benefits)

Boxes of welfare goods carrying the company's care are passed to the hands of employees, and the company deeply cares and cares about every employee and his family. The scene is filled with a happy and harmonious smile, which is the portrayal of the warmest winter.

(Employee photo)

In the future, Liyang Optoelectronics will pay more attention to the physical and mental health and cultural life of employees, think what employees think, urgent employees are urgent, and effectively pass the warmth of the company to every employee, and jointly create a cultural atmosphere of unity and harmony, positive and hard work. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, the company will steadily move towards a better tomorrow.


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