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VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) is a vertical cavity surface emitting laser, which integrates the advantages of high output power, high conversion efficiency and high quality beam. Compared with LED and EEL (edge emitting laser), In accuracy, high density, miniaturization, low power consumption, reliability, high life and other aspects of the advantages.

VCSEL laser light source product introduction

1.VCSEL 3030 laser light source

Product size: 3.0x3.0x0.52mm

Technical parameter

2.VCSEL 3532-B14 laser light source

Product size: 3.5x3.2x1.60mm

Technical parameter

3.VCSEL 3535-B04 laser light source

Product size: 3.45x3.45x2.1mm

Technical parameter

4.VCSEL 3838-B13 laser light source

Product size: 3.75*3.75*1.67mm

Technical parameter

5.VCSEL 6060-B17 laser light source

Product size: 5.85*5.85*1.50mm

Technical parameter

6.VCSEL 8585-B18 laser light source

Product size: 8.45*8.45*1.50mm

Technical parameter

7.VCSEL DIFFUSE 3838-B13 laser light source

Product size: 3.8*3.8*1.7mm

Technical parameter

Product characteristics of VCSEL laser light source

1.【 Structural advantages of VCSEL light source 】

The growth structure of VCSEL is easier to chip level two-dimensional VCSEL array, which can not only improve the output power, but also provide the possibility for designing various complex lattice light sources.

2.【 High reliability of VCSEL 】

Because of its structure, VCSEL has a greater natural advantage than EEL (edge emitter), which has ultra-high reliability and high radiation intensity.

3. [With greater optical power density]

In terms of optical power density, VCSEL can increase the optical power by increasing the number of luminous points in the array.

4. [Can reduce the impact of interference phenomenon]

The VCSEL laser source extends its light source size by arranging laser projection units in array, thus effectively reducing the influence of interference phenomena.

VCSEL laser light source application range

       VCSEL laser light source is widely used in IRIS/ vein scanning, face recognition, gesture recognition, infrared lighting, virtual reality technology, LiDAR, 3D sensing, 3D printing, medical beauty, data communication, IOT, smart sensing and smart city.

VCSEL can realize 3D image virtual reality technology

The VCSEL is suitable for LiDAR applications

VCSEL is suitable for face recognition applications

VCSEL is suitable for IRIS/ vein scanning fingerprint recognition and other fields

VCSEL is suitable for IOT smart sensing and other fields

With nearly 15 years of precipitation, Liyang Optoelectronics has deeply cultivated VCSEL core technology, demonstrated hard strength with innovation, actively promoted the innovative application of VCSEL technology in various application scenarios, and is committed to becoming the pioneer of VCSEL optical solutions.


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