Lepower I blockbuster new LED street light series L36 street light, help smart lighting!


Liyang Optoelectronics actively responds to the "double carbon" strategy, practices green and low-carbon development in many fields, explores new paths of energy conservation and emission reduction in urban road lighting, and helps urban lighting to be more energy efficient and intelligent!

LED street light L36 street light features:

1. LED street light L36 has ultra-high light efficiency;

LED street light L36 adopts multi-chip package 5050led light source, stable performance, luminous efficiency of 150-170lm/w.

2. LED street light L36 has a wide power range;

The optional power of LED street lamp L36 is 30W-250W, which is suitable for different lighting projects and can meet the customized needs of customers.

3. LED street light L36 adopts optical lens design;

LED street light L36 is designed by professional optical lens, optional I, II-M, III, III-S, III-M, III-L, IV-S, V type light distribution, the lens is made of IK10 grade high impact tempered glass.

4.LED street light L36 adopts convenient structure design;

LED street light L36 adopts the buckle design to achieve tool-free maintenance, which can easily open the shell, facilitate the replacement of drivers and SPD, and make maintenance more efficient.

5.LED street light L36 can flexibly adjust the support;

The LED street light L36 can be flexibly adjusted within the range of ±15° and is suitable for different mounting arms.

6.LED street light L36 has intelligent control system;

LED street light L36 adopts time control, infrared control, DALI dimming, light control, LORA intelligent control, road lighting is more intelligent and more efficient.

7.LED street light L36 has the characteristics of high quality and high protection;

LED street light L36 adopts high pressure die-cast aluminum alloy shell, the surface adopts a large number of wear-resistant powder spraying process, effective corrosion and rust prevention, the whole lamp reaches IP66 waterproof, IK10 protection.

8.LED street lamp L36 quality assurance;

LED street lamp L36 operating temperature range of -40~50°C, service life of more than 50,000 hours, 5 years warranty.

LED street light L36 uses low voltage DC power supply, more efficient and safe, energy saving and environmental protection, suitable for roads, main/secondary roads, highways, urban parks, parking lots, squares and other application places.









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