With ingenuity to build quality | Lepower COB light source CT1915 to create quality space!


CT1915 light source center light intensity, uniform light, anti-glare design can improve lighting comfort, high-quality optical control, can accurately display the true color of the product. Uniform white light reduces operating costs, which provides a reliable solution for energy consumption control and energy conservation and emission reduction in commercial places, creating better lighting conditions for the light environment.


The ultra-thermally conductive substrate of the CT1915 light source significantly reduces thermal resistance and increases operating temperature, providing substantial design flexibility and energy efficiency. When tested at 85 ° C, the lamp design can be simplified, the test can be minimized, and the performance and service life of the system level can be improved.


COB light source as a leader in commercial lighting applications, with excellent performance, with lower energy consumption to obtain higher quality lighting, significantly improve the product display effect and shopping experience. As a leader in the high-power LED industry, Liyang Optoelectronics adheres to technology-driven innovation, seeks development with quality, and aims at higher requirements to help the lighting experience!


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