Lepower - Dragon Boat Festival


The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is an important traditional festival in China - the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival has a long history and rich cultural connotation, Lepower as a focus on corporate culture construction, full of humanistic care of the company, has always attached great importance to the holiday welfare of employees.

In order to thank all employees for their hard work all the time, to further inherit and carry forward the traditional national culture, on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival on June 21, Lepower issued a gift dumpling with warm warmth for all employees. Let employees feel the warmth of home and the care of the company's big family, deepen the significance of traditional festivals, and send the thick holiday blessings to the hearts of each employee.

At the scene, the Dragon Boat Festival impression wall, personality display cards and gift modeling will be filled with the sense of ceremony, employees have come forward to take photos, the atmosphere of the event scene is warm. Exquisite gift Zongzi orderly distribution, everyone's face is filled with a happy smile, boxes of heavy dumplings brought holiday blessings and warmth, but also for the hot summer to add a pleasant cool.

The company encourages employees to bring zongzi home to share with their families, narrowing the distance between employees and families, so that employees feel the warmth of home and the joy of reunion. A zongzi closely connects them with the lives of their families, and the proximity of hearts shortens the distance between time and space. At the same time, so that employees can relax after busy work, feel the joy and atmosphere of the festival.

A zongzi, a care. This heart-warming gift Zongzi, eat in the mouth, sweet in the heart. Dragon boat race, reed leaves fragrance, let us feel the thick Dragon Boat Festival taste, inherit the unity and struggle, the spirit of the dragon boat forward, with high enthusiasm to meet new challenges!

Lepower has always advocated the corporate culture of "happy work, happy life", and hopes that all employees can work together to create a better future!


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