L29 and XH01 shoebox light series become Zhaga Associate members


Shenzhen Lepower Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has passed the certification test of Zhaga organisation and obtained Zhaga certification, which makes our products more standardised and internationalised.

Lepower L29 series and XH01 shoebox light series are designed and developed according to Zhaga Book 18 standard interface to better ensure the interchangeability between products. This not only standardises the interfaces, but also makes maintenance work on site and data management of the LED luminaires much easier.

Zhaga Certificate

About Zhaga

Zhaga is a global consortium of companies from the international lighting industry that standardises the interface specifications for LED luminaire components, including LED light sources, LED modules, LED arrays, bases, electronic controls (LED driver power supplies), connectors, inductors/wireless communication modules, and related devices. The Zhaga interface standard ensures interoperability between multi-vendor products, creating an ecosystem that provides customers with more comprehensive and richer choices.


Zhaga Book 18 is a solution for connectivity features in outdoor LED lighting fixture products, offering more possibilities for IOT applications in smart city environments.


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