The 15th Anniversary Celebration & 2024 Spring Festival Gala


On January 6, 2024, Lepower held the "15th Anniversary Celebration & 2024 Spring Festival Gala" at the Yaduo Hotel.

On this memorable day, all employees gathered together to review our journey together. This annual meeting is not only the summary and recognition of the hard work in the past year, but also a review of the glorious achievements of the company's 15th anniversary, and the outlook for the future.

Mr. Qu Junyi, the chairman of Lepower, delivered a passionate speech, inspiring everyone present, making people feel excited and encouraged. Looking back on the past achievements and challenges and the development of the past fifteen years, and expressed my heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work.

2024 is a new year, the company's opening of a new round of historical chapter, and it will also continue to pursue high standards and continue to move towards a new level.

The general manager Ms. Qin Shengyan's speech, full of strength and confidence, let everyone feel the company's development vitality and the infinite possibilities of the future. President Qin said that since its establishment, Lepower has always adhered to the concepts of innovation, quality, and service supremacy, continuously pioneered for progress, and achieved brilliant achievements.

At the scene of the party, wonderful dance, singing, sketching and other programs have different forms of programs, interpreting Lepower staff's longing for a better life and their longing for the future.

The Lepower staff presented the work in the most perfect way at the party. They were wonderful and enthusiastic, and brought a shocking visual feast to the leaders, guests and all employees present with passionate performances.

In addition to the art performance,Lepower also arranged the awards session, commended the employees and teams who have performed outstandingly in the past, and awarded awards such as the "Excellent Employee Award", "Excellent Team Award" and "Excellent Sales Leader Award" company's development contribution.

With the end of the night, the 15th anniversary celebration party ended successfully. This event was not only a review and gratitude to the past, but also the expectations and longing for future. At this moment, all employees of the company were proud and proud of themselves as a member of Lepower. I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, Lepower will continue to sail and write its brilliant chapter!


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