Do solar street lights need cleaning?


Solar street lights are installed on both sides of the road lighting to pedestrians and vehicles, because the solar street lights are outdoors, the wind blows hot sun, so its solar street lights need to be cleaned. Due to the long-term accumulation of dust on the solar street lamp panels, solar panels absorb sunlight has a certain impact, and the panel has a shaded surface, it is easy to cause a short circuit of a string of batteries, but under normal circumstances, solar street lights do not need to be clean, because the panels will be washed when it rains, if there is no rain for a long time, It still needs cleaning once in a while.

If the traffic on the road where the solar street lamp is located is relatively large, then the maintenance personnel should often check the battery pack. Because if the traffic flow on the road is large, then the dust in the gray air is also quite a lot. It will lead to the accumulation of a large amount of dust on the battery, so it is necessary to clean it regularly, otherwise the accumulation of dust for a long time will cause the battery to fail to work normally. And it also has a very large impact on the service life of the battery, or directly leads to failure to work.


In summary, when the solar street lamp is maintained, if it is in the rural road surface, it is best to clean it once in about half a year, and if it is the urban road surface, it is necessary to clean it once every three months. Regular maintenance will make the service life of solar street lights longer, through this introduction, I believe you also understand whether the solar street light panels need to be cleaned, in the future when using solar street lights can be properly maintained and cleaned according to the situation can increase the service life of solar street lights.


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